Fit Club Fail

Last Friday was the first meeting of my Fit Club and it was a total FAIL.

Let me back up- in years past, I’ve tried to make different “club” nights happen. It worked fine for actual clubbing in college, but once my circle of friends got jobs, husbands and children, it became harder to make a night out part of our routine. Enter the “club.” If it’s a club that meets monthly, you have to attend, right?

“Husband, you handle dinner and bedtime tonight, I have craft club!”

“Oh, be sure to schedule a baby-sitter, I’ve got book club.”

It sounds like a responsibility, rather than a night out with your best girlfriends, right?

To he honest, I really thought the wine club would be the one to survive, but none of our little clubs had staying power. Someone forgot to read the book, someone’s child got sick, someone made other plans…it just never became a regular occurrence.

Enter Fit Club. I rounded up my favorite workout buddies to do something we all do regularly anyway. It should have been foolproof.

Ready to shake it like a polaroid picture.

Ready to shake it like a polaroid picture.

Back to last Friday night: We arrived at a local zumba/aerobics studio to try a cardio hip hop class only to find that the class didn’t start until February. I had double checked both the website and the Facebook page earlier that day so needless to say, I was not a happy hip hopper.

The owner told us that the regulars knew it hadn’t started yet…so I guess they decided not to update the schedule elsewhere. What about the January Joiners, sir? WHAT ABOUT THE FIT CLUB? I mean, really.

So our January meeting was a bust. Next up is bikram yoga. Sara, Danielle and I love hot vinyasa flow but we’ve never tried bikram. I hope it’s more successful than hip hop.

On the plus side, Sara and I had an amazing long run the following morning, which might not have happened (the amazing part. The running was a done deal) if we had danced the night prior. My pace is getting faster- I’m not doing speed work yet, just focusing on the miles- which feels wonderful. And since we aren’t running together for four days a week anymore, we have a week’s worth of topics to discuss.

Speedwork will commence following the Glass Slipper Challenge and I’ll be asking for all of your tips and tricks. In the meantime, tell me what fitness classes we should try! Any advice for bikram yoga?

17 thoughts on “Fit Club Fail

  1. I tried to start a running club at my medical school and even though we have a bunch of runners, it was a total fail (makes me sad). Darn these people and their lack of commitment to clubs!

  2. I got really into Bikram a few years ago, and loved it. But it was so freaking expensive I gave it up.

    Advice: seriously, don’t eat 2 hours before. Anyone who had (or at least much more than a small amount) got sick during class. Also, drink more water than you’ve ever had in your life before you go (although stop about 30 minutes prior).

    Have fun!!!

  3. oh my gosh, try jazzercise!!! my future siser-in-law is a teacher and although i am highly uncoordinated and flare around like a chicken, it is a good workout! and fun! it flies by 🙂

  4. In defense of lackluster running club attendance, I will say that the reason I enjoy running is that it’s really easy to factor into my weekday schedule. Once I have to be there at a certain time, for a certain amount of time, starting/stopping in one place, it becomes a huge hassle. So I’m one of those people who has a hard time with clubs. But I hope yours goes better!

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