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If there’s one word that I’d use to describe my feelings toward this year, that’s what it would be. And yes, it might sound cliche but I promise you it’s anything but that.

This year has been a really good one for us Chicks. We started this blog back in February and through it we’ve met so many new and good friends, as well as feeling the love and support of established friends. We’ve spent time together, run races together, acted like fools together and picked each other up when we’ve been hurt (physically and emotionally).

And for that, we are grateful.

If we could gather you all up in our arms for a great big group hug, we would. Because we are huggers. (We know, we know, there are some people who aren’t. And to those people, we give you a punch on the shoulder or a big ol’ thumbs up). Since we can’t hug you all, we are giving away one of our Scoot a Doot shirts as an extra special thanks.


This one specifically!

We got these shirts back in the summer and they’ve made their way across the country and even internationally!

credit: Jog 'n Hog Boss Hog

credit: Jog ‘n Hog Boss Hog






If you’d like a chance to win an awesomely orange Scoot a Doot shirt – click the pic!


Clicky clicky!

Contest ends Wednesday, 12/18 at midnight EST – winner will be announced 12/19. So what are you waiting for? Scoot on over! Happy Thursday!

20 thoughts on “Scoot a Doot t-shirt giveaway

  1. My favorite shirt right now, is my Livestrong Be Invincible T. I wear it to work out so much, my fiance went out and bought it in another color, just so he could see me in something other than pink.

  2. Yay awesome giveaway! Right now my favorite shirt is my Hershey 10k long sleeve cotton shirt. I wear it alllllll the time. It has such good memories attached to it!

  3. Right now I’m loving my long-sleeved technical training tee from my distance training group. Perfect base layer and reminds me to not skip out on the program long runs/track workouts I paid for 😉 And it’s a pretty purple color!

  4. Right now I am loving my Scoot A Doot shirt I received Monday. It was what I needed, a long distance hug from some amazing ladies when I needed it. So whomever wins this is definitely lucky. Much love

  5. My favorite running shirt is the one I got from the Rochester Half Marathon. Not because it’s the greatest shirt, but because I’m proud of the accomplishment.

  6. yayyyy running shirts are da best. one of the main reason it is a fun sport, because generally you get a shirt with every race 🙂 I dont know if i have a favorite… i like too many!

  7. My favorite short sleeve T-shirt is a boring and plain ‘ol blue tech shirt from target. I love love love my long sleeve tech shirt from running my first half marathon. It’s bright orange and scream “look at me!!!”

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