Road tested: Brooks running socks

A few weeks back, the fine folks of Kindrunner sent the chicks our long-awaited ambassador shirts. I’ve packed them up to bring them along to my girls this weekend in Florida!

As you may recall, the Scoot chicks announced earlier this year that we teamed up with New Jersey-based Kindrunner to spread the word about their online business.

I personally love their mission. I love that they aim to bring your used sneakers to those who need it most. AND they’re keeping countless pairs of used shoes from heading to the landfill. I am all about re-purposing and recycling, as are the chicks, so it was a perfect fit!

But there was an extra prize in the package – a super sweet pair of Brooks running socks!


What’s that? Kindrunner sells more than sneakers? Why YES! They sell all sorts of running accessories – handheld water bottles and hydration belts, fuel, watches, of course, running socks and sleeves and much more.

A few days after the package arrived, I popped the new socks on to test them out. Success!

You know when a pair of socks work for you and you know when they don’t. I walk – a lot, and I run even more. So yes, Solid running socks and shoes are vital tools of the trade.

I’ll be honest, I am not a Brooks fan and I’m pretty loyal to my current running sock choice….but I do like these socks. They fit comfortably, didn’t shift as I ran and allowed my feet to breathe as they warmed up. Two thumbs up!

20131105-051324.jpgMy new socks with my Mizunos, purchased via Kindrunner

What sort of running socks are you partial to? Do you ever give other brands and styles a whirl? Tell us in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Road tested: Brooks running socks

    • Aw, thanks! I like these Mizunos a lot. Very light and make me feel fast. I haven’t gone further than 12 miles in them at a pop though.I run longer distances in Adidas Supernova. LOVE those

  1. I am an Asics girl when it comes to socks for now. I have a particular style that just “compresses” under the arch, and there is NO slip to them whatsoever! Mine are about dead, though, so will be in the market for some exact replacements soon! And, in addition, I will be stalking all places waiting for the new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s to come out this month. Drool…

  2. I don’t know about the socks, but I agree with “playfulpups” those sneakers are very cool. The color is outrageous.

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