Returning from an Injury: Atlantic City 10k

Let me start by saying, at the beginning of last week I wasn’t sure I was going to run this race.


Exactly a month ago, I injured my right quadricep muscle, right near the knee. Since then I’ve done everything to move the healing process along. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. I’ve worked with my trainer (mostly upper body). I’ve visited a doctor and gone to Physical Therapy for two weeks. I skipped last week’s scheduled 5k because I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. But given that my leg has been feeling really good and I need to get back into running for next month’s runDisney Wine and Dine, I decided that I was going to give the 10k at one of my favorite race series a go.

To say that I was extremely nervous about it would be a vast understatement. Originally I’d planned to drive down to AC solo. However as race day drew closer, I started dropping subtle hints that I thought I might want my husband to come along for the trip. And by subtle hints, I mean bribery.

“You could GAMBLE while I run! Won’t that be fun, Jay? And I get a beer at the end of the race and I’ll give that to you. I mean, granted, it will be 10 in the morning but I’m a very good sharer. Hey, you can even drive!” I know, those are very convincing arguments and ones that could not be denied. Once I solidified my mom’s babysitting services, he joined me for both the expo on Friday night and race Saturday morning.


Just prior to the rain, we were having some entertainment.

The weather had been looking ominous the days leading up to the weekend. We were feeling the after effects of Tropical Storm Karen; the rain and wind had been bad in AC both Thursday and Friday and it wasn’t looking promising for Saturday’s race. And sure enough, soon after we arrived, the rain started. But as a wise woman always said to me, “You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.” Thanks for that, Gram.

Especially since the rain wouldn’t stop for the majority of the time we were running.

ac10k2I ran on these boards during the April Fools half in both 2012 and 2013 so it was comforting that I knew the route. Prior to running I’d decided to follow the Galloway method with 3:1 intervals – three minutes of running, one minute of walking. Considering I hadn’t actually run for a month, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

If I was hurting, I knew I could walk or just turn around. I planned to listen to any cues that my body was sending. Sometimes I push through pain if it’s just a cranky hip or a tweaked knee, but if my quad even gave a little shout, I planned to call it quits.

ac10k4After the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and a quick countdown, we were off! Jay waved his “I’m so excited, I made a sign” sign and bid me farewell.

The rain was both a blessing and a curse. It forced me to put my phone in my SPIbelt and not be tempted to take pictures during the run, which I believe was a good thing. Jay was tracking my phone so he knew where I was at any given point in time, which was comforting. The curse, of course, was slick boards, wet glasses, wet clothes, and feeling like I was going to be blown away at certain parts of the race.

The out-and-back course is entirely along the boardwalk with the start at Bally’s casino. The rain really started pelting us about a half mile in. While the conditions weren’t ideal, I was just happy to be moving! I felt good and while I might have gone out a wee bit too fast (caught up in the excitement of the start and being able to actually run without pain), I soon fell into a comfortable pace with the intervals.

I “hung out” with my friends, Blue Pants Minnie Shoes, Pink Jacket, and Orange Hat the majority of the race; they were both doing intervals as well and we would catch up to each other throughout. I chatted a bit with them, mostly about the weather and Disney. Soon enough we were at the 5k turn around and a good amount of the runners peeled off, heading back to Bally’s.

I was totally jealous of those 5k runners, for the record.

Although, I suppose I shouldn’t have been TOO jealous. The wind was at our backs on the way out… the 10k turn around brought more wind and rain to the face.

Not so much fun.

I tried to curl a bit so that the top of my head was getting the majority of the wind, but it was difficult to run that way. The volunteers were out at the water stops with smiles and encouraging words. It helped to continue on and not just say “Screw this, Jay come get me.” That thought might have passed through my mind more than once. Also, I was singing “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain” repeatedly to the tune of whatever song was on my iPod.

The mile 5 marker had a clock indicating I was slightly under an hour, which was promising. Promising in that I had arrived at mile 5, there was only 1.2 left, and that I was going to finish in just about the same amount of time of my last 10k.

Right around that time, I spotted Orange Hat a bit ahead. Orange Hat reminded me of my friend, Moe, who I’d run the April Fools half with in the spring. I was missing Moe hard at that moment (I always miss Moe, but more so in that miserable rainy moment) so I caught up with Orange Hat and said, “Let’s get this done” and we fell into pace together.

I fell back at one point, then she did. But we kept meeting in the middle, pushing each other to the finish. And finally, I saw the glass walkway that indicated we nearly were at the end! She said, “I can hear the announcer!” We picked it up a bit and brought it home.


You can see that I’ve spotted Jay and it’s the finish line and HOORAY, I can almost go inside and out of the rain. Because while I’m not made of sugar, my clothes were sticking to me and I couldn’t see very well (rain and glasses = muy mal), and oooh, I get a medal!


I wore my SKORA Cores for this race – was afraid they might slip on on boards but they were awesome!

After getting our medals, I walked over to Orange Hat to thank her for motivating me throughout the race. I then found out that her name is Emily and she and her family are attempting to do a 10k in every state! Go Emily! (And seriously, if you’re reading this, thank you again! You really helped me, especially in that last mile.)


Wore my Chicago Marathon hat as a shout out to Moe (who ran this weekend) and all the other marathoners!

I was able to maintain my 3:1 intervals the entire race and finished in 1:13. Given the disgusting weather and coming off an injury, I’m very content with that! If I can maintain that pace for the Wine and Dine half, I’ll be golden. I think doing the Galloway method helped me stay consistent throughout and that’s my goal for Wine and Dine too!

Tell me, have you come back from a “time out” from running? How did you get back into running? Do you do run/walk? Who will I see at Wine and Dine next month?

27 thoughts on “Returning from an Injury: Atlantic City 10k

  1. lovely re-cap…! i really like how you bribed your husband- gambling and beer are always a good thing to put on the table. Your Gram’s advice that you will not melt b/c you are not made of sugar is priceless. That should be stitched into a pillow and sold on Etsy.

    Good for you for finishing despite the weather and post-injury! whoooooo! Wine and Dine = I am jealous. I want to run that eventually but this year is a bit busy, many in the next coming up years!

    • Thankfully it didn’t take a whole heck of a lot to “bribe” Jay – he likes hanging out with me because I’m so much fun. 😉 Gram passed a few years back but I carry her words of wisdom with me always!

      I’m so very excited for Wine and Dine. Have you ever done any of the Disney races? I can see you and Mr. Speedy being adorable there together!

  2. I’ll be at Wine & Dine with my mom & friend Stacey. 🙂 Mom & I have actually scheduled a phone call tonight to discuss the Galloway method as she’s singing its praises for making her more consistent, too!

    • Yay Nita!!! I met Jeff Galloway at the Tink half back in January and his method makes a lot of sense – I felt strong throughout the entire run, whereas usually I peter out toward the end. 23 more days!

  3. Congrats! I’m glad you were able to do the race, even if the weather stunk. I’d love to do a race down the shore so I’ll have to keep this in mind for next year.

    • I think you’d love this race series, Maureen! The spring races are the first week of April and this one is always the second week of October. Really well put together and the boards are always nice on the knees, rain or shine. 🙂

    • YES! This was my second rainy race and while it was not as nice as a bright, sunny day on the boardwalk, we’ve found out that this much is true: I’m not made of sugar and I didn’t melt! I was LOVING the 3:1 – totally the way to go.

      I am down for figuring out a race we could all do together. I’m excited to meet her down there but it will definitely feel like something is missing without you there too!

    • Who would have ever thought that SITTING AROUND would be so hard? I used to be a pro at it! 😉 And thank you so much – I love my medal. I should really get around to picking up a hanger for them.

  4. Yay! Congrats on getting back on the road (or boards). I’m sorry that I missed you at this race! The universe must know that one of our favorite places is Disney and thus we are destined to meetup there :p
    You did an awesome job of pushing through even when it was tough. I am a BIG baby about racing in the rain so kudos to you for sticking with it. I’m glad your hubby went with you (those convincing arguments would have worked on my fiancee as well). During out 18 mile race this weekend Cyanne and I met a really nice woman and she definitely helped us manage those longer last miles. It’s always nice when you find someone to chat with at a race.
    I LOVE the Galloway run/walk method, I’m such a big believer in it. I also run 3:1 intervals! I hope to see you at Wine Dine Half 🙂
    Great job!!!

    • I love the AC races – definitely one for your future (see me planning out your schedule?). I’m not a huge fan of the rain either but I guess when it came down to it, I just wanted to run and even in the rain, it was RUNNING! I loved finding Emily (Orange Hat) at the end – she really did push me along and it was nice to have a pal.

      And Jay won money while gambling so that was definitely nice to return to. 😉

      But YES, we are going to rock at Wine and Dine and I better see you while we are down there. xo

  5. Welcome back and congrats!!!!! You rocked it and I am so proud of you. I am finally admitting that I pushed it too hard coming back from surgery this summer and still hurting. I hate knowing I have limits

    • Thanks Brandi! Are you still hurting now from after your surgery in the summer? It’s so hard holding back, isn’t it?

      • I am actually doing ok now. My run today was the first where I didn’t have numbness around my waist and where my abs were stitched up. Lower back is out so need to see a chiro but yeah, it’s hard when you don’t want to give up.

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