A few of our favorite things…

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

Just as Rodgers and Hammerstein shared a few of Maria’s favorite things in The Sound of Music (personally, I don’t get all that jazzed about brown paper packages tied up with strings but, hey, whatever floats your boat…), we asked our Team Scoot a Doot members if they’d like to share their favorite running things with you. While there’s no singing and dancing, they are still quite amazing!


Megan’s blog. Twitter. Instagram.


Lisa’s blog. Twitter. Instagram.


Heather’s blog. Twitter. Instagram.


Jan’s blog. Twitter. Instagram.

Just a few of our many awesome team members! Thanks for the vids, ladies. You rock!

From the get-go we’ve said that we are looking to collect miles and funds. Some of our team focused on one or the other but a couple of our members did both and we’re super grateful for it!

We’re currently at 37 team members.

1,317.90 miles.

1,090 dollars raised for Childhood Cancer Research.

It’s absolutely incredible what we’ve done so far this month and we could not have done it without each and every single person on our team. You’ve all put your hearts into this and we know that within the final six days of September, those numbers will be going up even more!

As a thank you to our team’s top fundraiser, we’ve put together a little prize package giveaway of a few of OUR favorite things. We’ve given hints via Instagram of some of the prizes but here’s a better peek to check out the goods.


Many thanks to Sweaty Bands and Lace Locker for their contributions! There might be a couple more surprises added to this too… wait and see what we’ve got in the works.

Let’s go the distance within these next six days!

Do good, feel good!

5 thoughts on “A few of our favorite things…

  1. Megan, I know I said this already, but I love your coffee mug. And your Run Happy hat.

    Lisa, I get to see you in a (little more than a) MONTH. Can’t wait to give you a squeeze!

    Heather, hi! Such a beautiful trail for your running. I’m excited to meet you in February.

    Jan! I love your exervlog! And Daisy-walking at the same time; that’s awesome.

    You all are so adorable! Thank you for talking to us and thanks for all you’ve done this month. Hughughug.

    (This is Brooke, by the way.)

  2. Love the video posts!
    Megan – I’m a hat girl too! Love that run happy hat! Is that from our fave store?
    Lisa- I love running at sunrise (heck, and sunsets too!) And now I want pancakes!
    Heather! Your race is coming up! Way to keep it up and keep others moving! (and you look GREAT!)
    Go Jan! Way to multi task! so glad to have you all on the team!

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