Road Tested: It’s Fresh (FRESH)…Exciting!

So, a while back, my buddy Anne and I blogged about being fathletes. We talked about sports bras and lack of plus sized workout clothes and chub rub.

And swoob. We talked a lot about swoob. Which is either a cute nickname for under-the-breast sweating, or a shortened version of Swamp Boob, depending on who you ask. Hint: Anne and I both say the latter.

Shortly after that post, the awesome folks at Fresh Body asked us if we would like to try their product, Fresh Breasts. We like fresh breasts, so we said yes.  (Like there was even a question! Do we want less swampy boobs? We absolutely do!)

From the Fresh Body website: Fresh Breasts® was scientifically created to keep you and your “girls” dry and unchafed so there’s no more of those uncomfortable and awkward arm-crossed encounters. Women can now rest easy; we’re replacing “swoobs” – dreaded boob sweat – with smiles!

Applied as a lotion that quick-dries into a silky, clump-free powder, Fresh Breasts® can be applied as often as needed and is recommended as part of your daily routine. And, unlike most deodorants and powders, our natural scentless formula is free of all aluminum, parabens, and talc – just as nature intended.

Yay Fresh Breasts!

Yay Fresh Breasts!

Did we get Fresh Breasts? We’ll each tell you a bit about our experience with the product. Disclaimer: There will be no accompanying pictures or photographic proof of this product’s effectiveness because if you think I’m taking a picture of my swoob, you are seriously kidding yourself. I like you guys, and me, way too much for that.


I was so excited when Chicks Bec and Meri told me that we were going to get to test out Fresh Breasts; I stalked my mailbox, and eagerly ripped into the package from Bec when it arrived. Nevermind that I was at home for the night, lounging in pajamas–I was trying this stuff out right that second.

All in all, I tried the product out on four separate occasions: the aforementioned night at home, a regular workday, and two sweaty and humid 5Ks over the past couple of weeks.

What I liked: The first night, the product really did feel good going on. I was already kind of misty from a long day at work, and there was definite freshening occurring. For the second test, the product held up well over the day–I didn’t have to covertly sneak into my office once to try to get a little air circulating. And I noticed definite improvement in the areas under my bra that tend to chafe. As far as the 5Ks are concerned, I felt a marked difference in “swamp of funk” marinating tendencies. Fresh Breasts didn’t completely eliminate swoob, but it made things less uncomfortable overall, and seemed to speed up the time it took for things to clear up, post-race.

As far as what I was less than impressed with, my biggest issue is with the mess factor. The product website claims that this leaves no powdery residue in your clothing. I have to disagree. Y’all, I was a mess of powdery residue. I’m willing to accept that this is partially my own fault–when I’m getting ready for a 5K at 6am, I am not at my most cognizant. For both 5Ks, I wound up with Fresh Breasts on my thighs, and for regular workday use, there was definitely product left over in my bra at the end of the day. Not the end of the world, but if you’re looking for a mess free solution, you’re going to need to be a lot more careful than I am.

Ultimately, I’d have to say that the product mostly lived up to its claims. This isn’t specifically marketed towards athletes, and so expecting it to do the job perfectly during a 5K where the temperature was creeping up towards 90 by the time I crossed the finish line was a little unreasonable on my part. I’m grateful to the folks at Fresh Body for being generous enough to let us try the product out, and to my Scoot Chicks for inviting me to help.

Admittedly, athletics took a pretty low spot on the list of Things I Got Done This Summer. Like, at the bottom. Like, it looks like a footnote. So, from a working out perspective, I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to use Fresh Breasts. I did, however, load the ladies up with product on a few really hot and humid days. And then last weekend, I ran (errrr, walked) Diva Dash Boston, a 5k with obstacles, and I made sure to get my Fresh Breasts on.

The Positives – Things definitely felt fresher down there, and from a day-to-humid-as-heck-day perspective, it definitely kept me dry. While the product description indicates that it is scentless, I actually found it to have a light scent, but very pleasant. Application was easy (although I kept getting a little turned around as to just how much of the breast I was supposed to cover – just the underside? Everything but the nips? Full boob? I think I wound up somewhere in the middle.

Anyway, it felt really good going on and dried quickly. There was some residue on my hands once I was done applying, but nothing major and it washed off with soap and water.
The Not So Positives – When it came to exercising, there was definitely still some swoob. Less, but still there. Which is fine. I wouldn’t want anything so strong that sweat couldn’t break through its barrier because I think that would require lathering my breasts with a bunch of nasty chemicals and I’m not down with that. So, I guess that’s not really a negative? I mean, yes I had boob sweat at the end of a hot 5k, but I didn’t have Swamp Boob. And there was no chafing, which was awesome. I’m actually thinking that this would help with chub rub in some other areas.

Speaking of other areas! The also make Fresh Balls for you guys! Because according to the Fresh Body website, 99% of men suffer from sweaty balls. I didn’t know this! And there are some other products, like Fresh Feet and Fresh Baby’s Bottom.

That is our take on Fresh Breasts. Overall, we were fans and will continue to use the product. So, if you see us out on the street, just know that we are pretty dry in the underboob region*.

*Bec, no one in the world besides you cares if your boobs are sweaty. Shut up now.

Thanks Fresh Body for giving us a product that lessens swoob! Now, who has a product that can get me off my couch? Anyone?

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