The final “Chick on Chick” – Cam Takes Center Stage

Cam and I have known each of for the past three years, although I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve known her forever. She’s one of those people I can’t get enough of; I love every minute we spend together, miss her when we are apart (most of the time) and get legitimately excited when I hear from her in any form of communication. While the other Chick interviews were written, we decided to go a different route (mostly because I miss her so much) and do our interview video style.

Cool? Cool!

That concludes our first Chick on Chick series! If you missed anyone, feel free to check out our past interviews: Mer (that’s me!), Bec, Brooke, Jess and Vic.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “The final “Chick on Chick” – Cam Takes Center Stage

  1. Cam, I loved your funny story. I could see that happening to me back in the day. And, back in the day we did not have cell phones and finding phone booth was not always easy. My attitude now would be screw public transportation, where’s my RIDE. I would have car service or my friend waiting for me at the airport.

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