It’s Training Time

My oldest girl started kindergarten last week. Watching her smooth her dress down before entering the class, and smile shyly at her new teacher reminded me of all my years of back-to-school butterflies. Will I like my teacher? Will I make friends in my class? Of course, it only took one day; she’s already found a new buddy in class, she adores her teacher and she’s excited to tell me about her day every afternoon. 

While she fretted about going to a new school and meeting new people, I experienced some anxiety of my own. Half-marathon training began for me this week, and the thought of adding an extra day of running, and increasing my mileage is daunting, to say the least. It’s a busy time of year- sure, two of my kids are back in school, but with that comes dance class, soccer, homework, making lunches, and car lines. (Times two and across town from each other, natch.) I’m also taking on a new volunteer opportunity and joining a couple of baby playgroups. And have I mentioned that Little Dude doesn’t sleep through the night? (I have. I know. Take a nap for me, okay?)

When I trained for my first half-marathon two years ago, I ran on the treadmill on weekdays, once the girls were in bed. This time around, we no longer have a treadmill (boo) and now I have a laundry list of chores to complete once my littles are asleep (Oh! Laundry. I should add that to the list.) I’d also rather spend my evenings relaxing with a book. Or my husband.

Remember the girl who loved her treadmill? Well, she’s left the building, folks. I’ve moved on (mostly) to pavement and jogging strollers and running with friends. I’ve become a morning runner, and I plan to keep it up through racing season. Running right after I wake up will give me more time with my family and more time to accomplish everything else.

I’m pretty nervous about doing it all. I know there will be times when the dishes don’t get done before I go to bed, or I trade time with my kettlebell for a nap. I know I will probably miss a blog entry or two because I just don’t have time to write. I also know that I can do this. I’m excited to run longer distances. I’m excited to see my friends in November. I’m excited to run hard and do my best. For now, I’m just going to enjoy that flutter of anticipation in my belly because I know it’s leading to something amazing.

4 thoughts on “It’s Training Time

  1. I’m training for my first half marathon this fall, and much to my surprise I am also a morning runner. I have 4 kids and honestly never thought I would get up *when I could be sleeping* and go run… but I do! And I really love the time alone before I start my day. Also being done with my run by 8am makes me feel like a superhero the rest of the day!

    • Woohoo, go, girl! I know what you mean- most days I feel a little crazy, but with kids, early mornings are the way to go. Thanks for reading and good luck with your training! Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  2. Training for all the halfs I have lined up this fall makes me nervous, too – mainly about the potential for injuries. But you’re going to rock this! And I’m so pumped to see you in Nov!

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