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Some runners wear their medals with pride for days after the big race. Others toss them in a bag- or in the bin- never to be seen again.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I often wear my medal home from an event – a road race, regatta or (throwback) swim meet. But they all wind up in a shoebox or a basket a day or two later.

20130722-155245.jpgMeet the basket

Of course I have favorites – often because the bling is beautiful. But typically it’s because I loved the race.

Here are a few of my faves, and my reasons why.

Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2010

I ran the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras half several years ago, which has since been renamed the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans. I loved everything about this event, it was my second-ever half marathon and I was incredibly well-prepared. The course was beautiful, I ran solo and paced myself well, besting my previous PR by more than 7 minutes.

medal1Love the beads!

Philadelphia Marathon 2010

The 26.2-course through the City of Brotherly Love was my first marathon, so this race will always hold a special place in my heart. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter high-fived me as I crossed the finish line, moments before this bad boy was placed around my neck. Like the course, the medal did not disappoint either. Isn’t it pretty?

medal4First is the best!

ScotiaBank Waterfront Toronto Half Marathon 2011

This race has my standing PR, and my heart. I felt like I flew as I ran along the northern edge of Lake Ontario on that crisp, fall day. Part of the course runs through downtown Toronto (and the CN Tower), much is along the waterfront, hence the name of the race. The year I ran, a 100-year-old man completed the full marathon course, held alongside the half. He was such an inspiration.

medal3Nice medal, eh?

Random 5k 2012

The medal is tiny, but I earned it all by myself. I placed third in my age group at a small 5k race in Rochester, NY and received this medal. It was a surprise that definitely made me smile.

medal2a teeny, tiny prize

My runDisney week of medals – 2013

I affectionately call this batch my runDisney Ultra. I raced 52.4 miles through Disney parks over an eight-day stretch in January. I ran the Goofy Challenge – that’s the half marathon through Walt Disney World on Saturday followed by the full marathon on Sunday. Then I flew to California, where I ran the Tinkerbell half marathon the following weekend. It was an incredible experience, which I tackled in memory of two local firefighters killed in the line of duty several weeks prior. Ironically, my third race was by far my fastest of the trio.

Nov12 to Jan13 1385My runDisney Ultra stash

I have another medal that doubles as a bottle opener (so awesome!) and several with broken clasps. Meh. There’s even one I tried to dodge when I had a particularly cruddy race. And this fall, I hear I’ll be getting one made from a real horseshoe.

But I want to hear all about YOUR favorite medals!

Tell me all about your top bling in the comments below. What’s your favorite and why?

What races – and let’s face it,  which medals – are on your wish list?

Please send along photo of your fave medal (wearing it or not) to scootadoot AT and your reason why, and I will create a follow up post next week! Please also include your name and a link to your blog or twitter handle.

22 thoughts on “Shiny happy medals

  1. My favorite (thus far) is my first. I ran the St. Jude Half as a hero in 2011. It was a goal to complete a half before turning 30 (beat it by a few days) and a milestone after fighting to lose weight. I also raised money for the kids of St. Jude, which was an added bonus. I can’t wait until I have my Mickey medal in January for completing my first full marathon. And of course the Coast to Coast and Disneyland Half medals later in 2014!

  2. I only have one medal, so far. It was for a Memorial Day 5K and I love it to pieces, because it’s my first.

    Silly as this sounds, I really want the leg lamp medal for the Christmas Story virtual I’m running in December. And I’m so excited for the Space Coast Half medal. That one will be part of a 3 and 5 year collection, and I hope to earn the individual and series medals. I think that’s my biggest motivator.

    • I love it! And thank you for the pic 🙂 I’ll be using it in the followup post for sure! I heard about the Virtual Christmas Story 5K and totally plan to sign up too. I’m actually also considering the road trip too. Is that insane? (I live about 5 hours from Cleveland)

      I’ve heard GREAT things about the Space Coast race series. I’d love to do one of those at some point down the road.

  3. ohhhh the disney medals look like fun! I have all my medals, trophys, and wall plates in a big box and they are scrambled and look like a big pile of junk.

    out of everything, my favorite award was a legit wine glass, hanging on a lanyard (so like a medal, but a wine glass) that I won at a race called Run4Wine. There was a wine tasting post-race. It was at a golf course. It was fabulous. That wine glass has actually gotten some good use out of it and is not just sitting in a pile, like the rest.

  4. I paid up (birthday gift to myself) to run the Nike Women’s DC half this past April and got a shiny tiffany’s necklace as a medal. I like that bling that I can wear whenever I want without looking silly 🙂

  5. My favorite medal is my 2012 MCM medal. This was my 3rd marathon and my hubby’s first, was so happy to run with him representing an awesome military charity (I am a veteran and a Navy spouse) Team Fisher House. (I have a great pic but wasn’t sure where to post or send it)

    • I love it Lisa! Yes, we’d love to see your pic – via email is best – scootadoot AT We’ll be featuring everyone’s pics and reasons why the medals are also your faves. I can’t wait to see it!

  6. My favorite medal is from the Princess Half Marathon last year. It was my first half marathon and the first race I ran that gave out medals. It’s so shiny and nice, pink and purple with sparkles 🙂
    My second favorite its the necklace from the NWM DC in April 🙂

    • Those are both stunning medals (well, medal and necklace, but you get it!) Congrats! Would you be willing to share some pics for next week’s post? 🙂 And will you be running Princess in 2014?

  7. All my medals are from rowing. I think Vic and I have a few that we earned together. I just emailed my favorite. Similar theme to everyone else – it was my first. Also, the ONLY medal I got in college. Four years of HARD work rowing D1 and that medal (and a watch) are all I have to show for it!

  8. My favorite medal is the the one I got after completing the Frederick Half Marathon in Frederick, MD. I’d run my very first half marathon in Rochester, NY, just the week before and, though I’d finished and had a great time running with a friend, unseasonably high temperatures caught me by surprise and the last half of my race was super-cruddy. A week later, when I ran in Frederick, the temp was perfect, I was on my own, I paced myself really consistently, and PR’d by almost ten minutes. I felt SO great! It doesn’t hurt than the medal was pretty, too.

    The medal I’m looking forward to is the one I hope to earn at my first marathon next July in Missoula, MT.

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