Do Good, Feel Good: Out of this World Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Last week, I wrote about our first Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This past weekend we hosted our second annual event.


The goal this year was to beat last year’s total of $566.


This kiddo wants in on the action. He wants his name in lights.

Which we did.

lemonade20134By a lot.

lemonade20135Not by a couple of hundred… but by over double.

lemonade20136Despite it being Father’s Day.


And with the assistance of my bro-in-law, Matt, who said he’d shave his hair and beard to help raise more funds.


No longer looking like he's on Duck Dynasty.

No longer looking like he’s on Duck Dynasty.

We raised $1,292.35 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand!!!

Because when life gives you lemons... you make LEMONADE!

Because when life gives you lemons… you make LEMONADE!

A couple of tips we followed to make our stand a success:

  1. Send fliers home to all the students at school! There are nearly 500 kids in Pook’s elementary school. After getting the “okay” from the higher ups, we made copies and sent them out to each class. Next year Littleberry is getting in on the action and hopefully we’ll be able to expand this to his school as well.lemonade2013fliers
  2. Set up an online donation page through Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This was a key step in our success as many of the donations to our stand came from far and wide. Even if people couldn’t partake in a delicious cup of lemonade, they were able to take part in the giving.
  3. Take advantage of the fundraising kit! Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation sends out kits a couple of weeks before the stands are being held with information, giveaways like lemon shaped silly bands (the kids loved these), papers to fill out names to show participation, bandannas, and balloons.
  4. Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter throughout the event. Live updates are especially fun because it makes those people who are far (see number 2) feel like they are part of the action.
  5. Have a really amazing person who is willing to shave off his hair! In other words… Gimmicks! Bells and whistles! Razzle dazzle!
  6. Ask for donations – don’t have a set amount for lemonade. Whatever someone can give is the perfect amount; nothing is too big, or too small.
  7. Instill the love of helping others within children early on and show them that hard work pays off. This weekend was exhausting, busy and incredibly gratifying.

Mix. Pour. Find a cure!

How have you given back recently?

13 thoughts on “Do Good, Feel Good: Out of this World Alex’s Lemonade Stand

  1. amazingggggggg! I love this!!! I just might start my own lemonade stand. Mr. Speedy and I passed one on Saturday and did a U-turn, bought lemonade and left a big tip. I love little kids doing good in the world. You are def raising your boy right!!!!

    He should set up at a race– runners LOVE drinks post-race!!!

    • Thanks so much, Lily! We definitely had an amazing response and we’re so grateful for it.

      I was chatting with a runner who came by the lemonade stand and we were talking about holding a run for a school fundraiser… I should suggest having the lemonade stand at the end to raise even more money for ALSF!

  2. Somehow I totally missed the first part of this post! (I really need to not check my email before coffee) I am so impressed with you all!

    • My coffee ranks high up on things to-do, so I totally understand! We’re blessed with knowing and living near very generous people.

    • Thanks MJ! My bro-in-law came up with the shaving idea and naturally we were all about it. I hope the tips are helpful to anyone doing a fundraiser. 🙂

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