Are you a Kindrunner?

Last week we broke the news – the Scootadoot chicks have become Kindrunner brand ambassadors!


What is Kindrunner, you ask? A brand-new New Jersey-based online business where all can purchase running shoes (at below-retail prices, according company officials), and running accessories such as watches, energy gels, recovery products and more.

But as we mentioned in our previous post, customers may donate old shoes, shipping them for FREE to the fine folks at Kindrunner. AND you get reward coupons for your used shoes. Sweet!

Here’s how it works:

Customers head to the Kindrunner website to shop. After purchasing footwear, your items will be shipped to you. You can then reuse the Kindrunner shipping box by placing one or more pairs of your retired running shoes inside. Seal the box, slap on the prepaid label and send it off.

The label will be scanned when the box is returned to Kindrunner headquarters. Each return label earns the customer $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards. Those points can then be used to purchase any item on the Kindrunner site.

(Please note: You only get $10 worth of cash rewards per pair of shoe ordered from Kindrunner. If you order one pair and return several old pairs, you get $10 in cash rewards. But, for example. if you order five new pairs from Kindrunner at once and return five retired pairs, you would get $50 in cash rewards for future purchases.)

Unsure what to buy? Kindrunner offers expert product review videos on each item sold on the site. To view reviews go to Kindrunner’s YouTube site.

Not happy with your purchase? Send it back. A customer has 365 days to return any product, as long as it’s in its original packaging and condition. If you are injured and unable to wear your new shoes or your doctor suggests you try a different pair, no problem. Return them, no questions asked.

And if that’s not enough, the company’s offered “Free Socks for Life” to their first 500 customers. Each time one of the first 500 customers returns and purchases a new pair of shoes, the order will ship with a free pair of socks of the runner’s choice.

I bought a pair of new shoes via Kindrunner on Saturday, launch day. I’ve been looking for a new brand and after listening to some expert videos on the site, decided to give Mizunos a whirl.

And, I already have a pile of discarded shoes ready to send back.


Discarded shoes are then shipped to donation charity partners, including Soles 4 Souls, and the MORE Foundation Group, to assist people in need.  That’s right, your retired sneakers get a second life outside your closet or a landfill.

The Scootadoot chicks are Kindrunner brand ambassadors. Opinions are our own.

What’s on your running wish list? Do you shop online or in a store?

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