Road Tested: Injinji Socks


We love trying new things, and we love them even more when they’re free!  Hey, we’re easy. So when Outside PR gave us the chance to try Injinji Performance Toesocks, we said “you betcha!”

According to their website, Injinji Performance Toesocks have an anatomical 5 toe sleeve design to properly align your toes, prevent blisters, and promote proper posture and balance, among other benefits. They looked cool and very unique, but did they deliver?

Curious? Read on to see our road-tested results.


I tried the Run 2.0 mid-weight crew sock and for me, the best thing about these socks is how incredible they are at wicking away sweat. I’m in Florida, where it’s hot and hotter, and my socks and feet usually feel wet and gross after a run. Not so with these! I’m happy to report that the sock was damp but my foot felt pretty dry, even after an outdoor run.

It took some toe-wiggling, but I quickly adjusted to the shape of these socks. I am prone to toe blisters, so I think they would be awesome for a longer run.



My toes were confused. They didn’t know what to think. But honestly, they got over it pretty quickly.

I took the socks on a test run (ha!) a few times last week. Each time I thought there would be no way my toes would adjust. But they always did – and in the first mile. Instead of thinking about the socks and how each toe was cushioned by fabric, sort of like a glove, I found my mind wandering.

Ouch, my legs are tight. Damn, it was 35 degrees yesterday and 75 degrees today. What’s THAT all about? The new neighbors are building a hideous trellis. OK mister motorist! Don’t. Hit. Me.

Since I wasn’t thinking about my socks, that means nothing nagging my tootsies. And that’s a compliment. They were comfortable and cushy and my toes felt protected.  The trickiest part was putting them on, as you need to guide each toe into its sleeve and my toes are – um – flawed.

Long story short. I like them.



“Those are some fancy socks.” Pooks was eying up my Injinji socks from the moment they arrived.

“They sure are,” I replied.

He picked the package up and investigated, curiously looking at the toes. “So they’re like gloves for your feet?”

“Very much like that.”

A bit later, I put the socks on, preparing for my run. He silently (which is a rarity) eyed me up in them. “Your baby toe doesn’t fill up the sock.” Way to make the little guy feel inadequate, kid.  But it was true; genetically, my toes might not be as long as others. I’ve come to accept that.

Once I put my sneakers on, he looked somewhat disappointed.


“Oh, they look like regular socks now. Do they feel like regular socks?”

“Well, no. My toes are separated, which is a bit different. I’m going for a run to try them out.”

Once I ran far away from my child and his probing questions, I have to say that I forgot about the toes being separated and just enjoyed my run (as much as I ever enjoy a run!). The material of the Injinjis was the biggest draw for me, light and breathable. They also washed well.

When I returned from my run, Pooks was waiting by the door. I was gross and sweaty and he watched as I kicked off my shoes, anxious to see the socks once more.

“Can I have fancy socks like that?”

I won’t be at all surprised if the Injinji socks disappear from my sock drawer and wind up in my eight year olds. We might just have to get him a pair, too!


I found the socks pretty comfortable when I first put them on.  I’ve never worn toe shoes or socks before, so it was a little tricky at first.  They fit pretty well, there wasn’t any loose fabric bunched around my feet or toes.  I really liked the feel of the fabric and the fit through the middle of my foot.

When I put my shoes on, they felt a little bit too snug in the toe box.  My toes were being pressed apart more than normal, which is expected given the nature of the sock.  During my first run, I started cramping in the balls of my feet.  I’m assuming this is due to the adjustment that my feet were making because my toes were now in a different place and different muscles were having to work harder than normal.  I couldn’t wear them for very long.

The second time I wore them, I used them for my boxing class.  Boxing requires a lot of shuffling around on your toes and jumping rope, and I wear a different, wider and flatter shoe for this class.  I didn’t have as much cramping as during my run, and I did like how the socks allowed for easier balance.

I’m thinking these socks might be something I have to train my feet for, but I like the idea of running with a more natural foot.  I’m going to continue wearing them for short runs and workouts in the hope that my feet will acclimate.


I’ve always been a fan of toe socks. In fact, I rocked some pretty stylish rainbow ones in high school (only at home. My parents didn’t judge, bless them). So, I was pretty excited to try these out. Who doesn’t love the idea of sliding each of their toes into little toe sleeping bags?

I received the no-show style, which is my favorite kind of running sock. I want people to see my flashy shoes, not my socks. But I’m forever and ever and ever adjusting them because normally they slide down while I’m exercising and bunch up at the bottom of my heel. The Injinji socks didn’t move. Not an inch. They conformed beautifully to my foot and felt super secure. I was a little worried at first that they might have felt too secure to the point of constriction, but that feeling went away within a minute or so. I just wasn’t used to having a sock that fit nice and snug.

Overall, the socks fit my feet really well, stayed where they were supposed to, and felt lightweight enough that I didn’t really feel them after a while. They were super comfortable and as a cherry on top of the sock sundae, my feet weren’t a sweaty mess when all was said and done. Very impressed with Injinji, even if I can’t say it!


I expected to hate these socks, honestly. Stuff between my toes is NOT my favorite thing. Plus, I have pudgy pork sausage toes, so I fully anticipated pinky toe strangulation. But, I actually found these pretty comfy! They are super soft and they stretch well. So, while they won’t replace my beloved race day socks, they’ll totally go into my rotation.

6 thoughts on “Road Tested: Injinji Socks

  1. Love the reviews! I had won 4 different pairs of Injinji toesocks and I use all 4 of them! And now my girls also have a pair each as I found that they do carry them in children sizes. They are only through REI though. 🙁 I still got them though. 🙂

  2. I love my injinji’s. actually, I’m pretty sure they help my IT band issues because my feet have to work the way they’re supposed to. Love, and didn’t expect to.

  3. I wore Injinji socks for the first time at a marathon. BIG MISTAKE! I’ve never had blisters so bad, and on every toe. I took them off and threw them away as soon as I finished, before I even drank water.

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