New York City, here I come!

It’s official. After three straight years of lottery loss, I am finally registered to run the ING NYC Marathon in November.

Honestly, I’m freaking out just a bit.

About 45,000 people run the annual 26.2 mile course that spans New York City’s five boroughs. I’ve been itching to run in my home state for years! Plus, it’s incredibly hard to get into. I managed to snag my guaranteed entry for 2013 after being rejected via lottery for three consecutive years.

There are several ways runners can qualify to run NYC  — qualify based on time (really, really fast!); run for a charity, run through the NYRR’s 9 +1 program and through the race lottery.


So yesterday, when I got my entry confirmation e-mail, I danced a little jig. You see, after 2014, runners can no longer qualify for guaranteed entry if they’ve been rejected three straight years. Alas, the lottery will remain and runners can submit for a spot through May 24 this year. Go to to apply for the lottery.

Training for the Nov. 3 footrace will begin in July, with several fantastic running partners.  And let me just say an extra thanks to my Jennifer, who inspired me and encouraged me to run marathons in the first place.


Jen, after the NYC Marathon in 2010.

Have you run the New York City Marathon? What tips do you have for a first-time runner of this race? Will you be there to run or cheer on a loved one? Please tell me in the comments.

20 thoughts on “New York City, here I come!

  1. Congrats!!! That is on my bucket list! Mainly because I have never been to NY and after Sex and the City…. well, I want to shop and drink cosmos and dress like i know how to dress.

    :p Figure, mine as well run a marathon while I am at it.

    GOOD LUCK1!!!!

    • Oh good luck Jenn! Either way you will be running it soon. Yours will be the last year the three-time lotto losers get guaranteed entry! Fingers crossed that you get in and we can run together 🙂

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