Don’t Call It A Dreadmill

Have you ever checked out the #whereirun photos on instagram? You can see some breathtaking images from runners across the globe. Sneaker tracks on a thick bed of snow, pink and orange sunsets, lush green trails…you get the picture. (Haha. Sorry, I had to. But seriously, go get the pictures. Find the tag on instagram.)

What you won’t find though, are any of my running photos. Because where I run, it looks like this:


Picturesque, right? Or not.

And I’m okay with that. I actually love the treadmill. And not just because I get to look at this guy for most of my runs.


Here’s why:

  • The treadmill is easy. I like that I can hop on, set my pace and get to work.
  • It’s safe. I don’t have to keep my music low (or off) so I can hear oncoming cars or people, and I don’t have to think about why I need to use a Road ID.
  • There’s air conditioning. I trained for the majority of my first half-marathon on the treadmill; yes, even some of the long runs. Florida is hot and humid, y’all.
  • The dashboard is great for holding a book. When I was pregnant, I would walk and read for an hour or so every other day. Now I read email during my warm-up.
  • I like the mental quiet. My life is chaotic and most of the time, I’m being pulled in several directions at once. One child is nursing, one wants to paint with watercolors, one wants me to read to her. The dogs want to go outside, the dogs want to come inside. I need to start dinner. I love my crazy house, but sometimes it’s nice to be alone with my thoughts. Or zone out and think of nothing.

Currently, I’m using the treadmill to build up my running base again. I’m not running regularly yet, because we aren’t on a sleep-schedule and the little dude can’t ride in a jogging stroller, so I’m fitting it in when I can. My main post-pregnancy goal was to run for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. My goal now is to run 3-4 miles, 3 days a week. I’m getting there!

Here’s what my treadmill workout looks like right now:

5 minute warm-up
10 minutes at 10 minute mile pace
20 minutes at 9:40 minute mile pace
10 minutes at 10 minute mile pace
5-10 minute cool down

Sometimes, I spend more time at a faster pace, if I feel really good. Other times I spend the entire 40 minutes at 10 minute pace. For now, I’m just taking it slow and trying to get my fitness back.

Where do you run? Treadmill- love it or hate it? What is your running goal right now?

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    • Hi! Thanks for the comment and the link. I love zoning out on the treadmill- honestly, running alone outside makes me very anxious, and when I use the jogging stroller outdoors (which I will do once we’re able), I often feel like a referee to the older kids!

  1. The treadmill is super convenient, but I always feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and try to run outdoors every chance I get. In the rain, in the snow, in the sun. I do love that babyJ is woo-ing you as you run!

  2. The treadmill is like a security blanket for me. I know I’ll eventually have to give it up, but right now, I use it to help build my confidence and my form before I go out and run in the real world.

  3. I think you know how much I love the treadmill. It’s where I started running, it’s where I essentially “became” a runner. It provides a certain level of comfort, even staring at that blank wall!

  4. I run on the treadmill when it’s either convenient or the weather is unbearable. I’m not sure what part of FL you live in but here in Miami, this rain is non stop and when it’s not raining it’s crazy hot! I sweat in 40 degree weather while wearing shorts and a tank top so you can imagine how horrible our regular weather makes me feel. But the treadmill bores me. I’m not going anywhere and it frustrates me. I like to look at different scenes in my routes, the background noise of the cars is actually enjoyable for me, and I am a bit scared of the treadmill. I feel that if I take a wrong step I’m gonna fly off the machine and well, not a nice picture. So if I am able to, I like to run around my neighborhood. Sometimes I hit up the dog park or the beach.
    As for my running goal, right now I’m using the Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan. I am resting this week but I start again next week on Week 4. 😀

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. I’m in Central Florida and it’s soooo hot here already. I can’t believe the “winter” we’ve had.

      I used one of Hal Higdon’s programs for my first half two years ago. Awesome!

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