Who are these crazy chicks and why should I read what they’ve got to say?

Hey!  ‘Sup?  Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet.  Maybe you found us through twitter, Facebook, or you’re related to us (hi Mom!).  Any which way, we’re glad that you’re here.

We’re all writers, in one sense of the word or another.  Fiction, news, emails, letters (yes, letter writers are among us!  They still exist!)… writing is a major form of communication for all of us.  Each of the six authors of Scoot a Doot are at different stages in their “healthy and happy lifestyle” – we believe that you’ll relate to at least one of us as you read.  Perhaps that person will change as we continue on our journeys; perhaps you will.  But we’re all good friends, cheering as we triumph and leaning on one another as we falter. We hope to create that sense of community with YOU, too; you’re as much a part of this as we are!


(Have you located your crazypants?  That’s how we roll.)

Look around, check out the About section to meet each of us if you haven’t already.  We’ve started posting race recaps that we’ve written over the past years and plan to share more as time goes on.  None of us are professional athletes, we’re just doing what we love (and, if we’re being completely honest, sometimes loathe) and the best we can with what we’re given!  That’s what Scoot a Doot is all about – moving it, shaking it and never faking it.  We’re keeping it real; you’ll be hearing everything – the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly.

Let’s do this!  We can and we will!

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