2019 BOCO Gear Ambassadors

Have you heard of BOCO Gear? You may have one of their awesome hats in your closet and not even know it since they make headwear for many popular races. Mer and Jenn are new ambassadors, and share their  BOCO collections and what the like about the brand. There is so much to love about BOCO!


2 thoughts on “2019 BOCO Gear Ambassadors

  1. I have to say Mer, I love your new BOCO white hat. It is so beautiful, stylish and cozy looking. Your orange Bibrave warm hat can still be your race hat. The white one your cute fun one. Enjoy.

    • Thank you, I love that fluffy white BOCO hat too – I think it’s gorgeous. And it’s a good thing I got it because we have snow here now and it looks like we’ll be getting more toward the end of this week.

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