Road tested: PRO Compression socks

Anyone who follows the scoot chicks knows we love to run — and we love to look and feel good when we run.

Last year, I came across a coupon code for PRO Compression socks and decided to give them a whirl. It was love at first wear.

558Styling with pals Brandi and Sean after the 2013 Broad Street Run

Now I use them regularly – for long runs, to recover after long runs even when at the office, a party or doing yardwork.ProCompression Logo

PRO Compression is a California-based company makes socks for endurance athletes, to be used before, during or after exercise such as running or golf.  The idea is for enhanced blood flow in your lower extremities. And THAT feels fantastic!

Nov13 to May14 2009Racing in my purple PRO Compression socks in the spring

The company offers four running styles – Marathon (my fave), PC Racer, PR Runner and Trainer Low – in a variety of colors. For folks who prefer calf sleeves or love arm sleeves, PRO Compression has those too!

And – this is a big things for me – the socks are made in the USA!

Thanks to a partnership with Fit Approach, I had the chance to test run and review a pair of marathon socks. I already knew I loved them – hi, I have six pairs and wear them regularly. But I jumped at the chance to test run a brand new pair and share my thoughts with you all.

20140729-134601-49561489.jpgMeet my newest pair of PRO Compression socks – and they are white!

I’ve worn this pair a few times now – mostly on long runs as I’m ramping up my training for my fall marathon. Like my other pairs, they look and feel great. While running, my legs don’t feel strained when I wear them, which makes for a far more comfortable long distance run.

20140729-134603-49563260.jpgAnd look! My legs weren’t tired at the end of this hill 8-miler last week, in part because of the socks. So I sped up at the end of the run. Success!

I also wear the socks for recovery, which means I lounge around the house – or spa (riiiiight) with them on. I’ve worn them to work under my pants and to the store, with shorts, because I totally rock that look.

These compression socks promote circulation in your legs by pushing fluid up from your feet toward your knees. In other words, the sock helps reduce swelling and inflammation while also providing support to muscles and tendons.

Other features I love about these socks – there’s arch support with compression, a wide cuff at the top to make sure my calf fits in, they’re moisture-wicking (so, so important) and I’ve never had blisters from wearing them.

If you’ve not checked out PRO Compression socks or sleeves I have a discount code for you – “PINK” Will save your 40% on your entire purchase. That’s a sweet deal!

Have your tried compression socks or sleeves? What do you think of them? What’s your go-to brand?

I was provided one free pair of marathon socks by PRO Compression so I could use and review them. My opinions and words are entirely my own.

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