Mother Runner Giveaway Winner and Spring Break Fun

Hey runner friends! Last week, I told you about the Mother Runner event in Orlando, and how I purchased some pretty sweet goodies for one of you. This morning, I picked a winner-

Congrats to Nicole, who won via Facebook entry! Check your email, Nicole, so I can send you your prize! Thank you to all who entered.

It’s Spring Break here in the Babbles house and our days have been packed with fun, fun, and more fun. This mother runner is very tired, but I adore having all of my babes at home with me. Here are some of the things we’re enjoying this week:

The Disney Infinity game. We all have our favorites, and Rapunzel is mine. (Shocking.)
photo 5-10

Movie Mornings in our pajamas. We don’t watch tv during the school week, so the opportunity to watch tv while eating breakfast is a welcome change for these littles. (Did Disney pick a good week for the Frozen dvd release or what?)

photo 1-13

Speaking of Frozen, of course we picked up our dvd yesterday! We stood in a pretty long line at the Disney Store, where I also bought this adorable coffee mug-

photo 4-11

The bowling alley and arcade, and time with their Uncle and soon-to-be Aunt. These girls love air hockey!

photo 2-18

These crayons. My older girl and I sat for over an hour and colored with them. The glide on the paper like an oil pastel, and then once you brush with water, you get the watercolor effect AND they sparkle brighter than Edward Cullen.

photo 3-13

I also love that nail polish (Deborah Lippmann She Bop) and the treadmill, because that’s the only way I’m getting to run this week. One thing we don’t love is sleeping in. The kids are all still a little off from the time change. Or they’re just early morning people like their mother.

Anyway- Happy Spring Break if you’re on one, and Happy Wednesday if you aren’t. Time to go pack lunches for today’s outing.

Any Disney Infinity players out there? Favorite Frozen character? Favorite arcade game? Favorite Spring Break activity? Talky!

6 thoughts on “Mother Runner Giveaway Winner and Spring Break Fun

  1. I’m really curious about Disney Infinity – we don’t have the game but have a Wii. Favorite Frozen character is Anna… though I’m secretly holding out that Hans will appear at the TOT 10-miler. I love air hockey but Skee ball is my all-time fave. I’m looking forward to being outdoors for spring break!

    • Hans would be perfect for the villains race!

      I can’t give a review for the Disney Infinity- we’ve only had it two weeks and it’s a little overwhelming. There’s definitely a lot you can do with the game. My girls are a young age for gaming and we really limit their screen time, but we’re all having fun with it so far.

      I love Skee ball too!

    • Do you get a spring break, Lisa?

      These crayons are super cool! Also, I just discovered there’s an elsa mug too, and it’s only $50 on ebay. I think I’ll stick with Anna. 😉

      • I don’t! And I so desperately need one! I am taking a couple of “conference” days to go to a global health conference in Yale – and extending it a couple of days to hang out in NYC haha. That’s mid-April and I can’t wait! It’ll be so nice to have a few days of no responsibilities… some true alone time.

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