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“I can and I will” is what gets me through the days.  Some days it’s a declaration.  Other days it’s a reminder.  And still, there are also those days when it’s what I repeat to myself when I’ve fallen down and need to get back up and brush off my backside (and my ego).

Jersey Strong, married 13 years, with an eleven year old and seven year old, I’m the Queen Bee of an otherwise male dominated household. My husband has been my biggest fan for the past eleventy seven years and he knows just want to say to placate my Type A personality.

The kids, whom are affectionately referred to as Pooks and Little, are how I spend most of my days.  They drive me crazy by refusing to eat most of the good food that I cook, which kills me because I LOVE FOOD.  Thankfully, Pooks is getting more adventurous with food.  Still working on Little!

I’m always striving to hit my personal best, which doesn’t always have to do with time, but more about my outlook at life. I’m a reluctant yet perseverant runner. I was first “bit” by the running bug when I cheered Victoria on during her first marathon, in Philadelphia.

My 34th birthday present was a treadmill and originally when I got it, I thought I’d use it occasionally to walk. I worked as a Stroller Strides instructor for many years and really enjoyed walking as a way to keep healthy.  However, once I got on the treadmill, I had a strange obsession with showing it who was boss and began my own modified version of Couch to 5k without realizing it.

After a few mishaps and mistakes along the way, I ran my first 5k, the Down and Dirty mud run in July 2012.

But I wasn’t satisfied doing this “fitness thing” alone.  I soon joined BFit Running Clinic, with my very close friend and personal coach, Brandi Dockett at the helm.  And as I got more into running, I realized that I was meeting the best type of people along the way. So yes, I came for the healthiness and I stayed for the bonds!  (And I talked my friends all over the country to various events and runs too!  Sorry I’m not sorry!)

For my 35th birthday, I asked for sessions with a personal trainer.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into! 😉 But now I weight train with my trainer two times a week, and while it’s difficult, I love it!  In 2012 I pledged to do 12 races and 2013 is the year of the half marathon. I get to Bikram yoga occasionally but not as much as I’d like – scheduling is a fickle friend. I’m always down to try a new class or workout, even if it means looking like a fool while doing it.

I also like to make up words and phrases.  Like honkshews, ickamick, and of course, Scoot a Doot. Words and books are my first loves and I can easily get lost in a different time and land and not come up for air until The End.

I can and I will!

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